About Santa Scooby

Born to a steel mill worker and a homemaker in a small mining community, I was taught at an early age the value of honest work, Faith, and, of course, family. Raised on a small farm, we learned to care for animals, work the soil, and enjoy the fruits of our labors.

My very first experience with Santa Claus was when my Uncle dropped by one evening right before Christmas Eve. With the cotton hair and beard and an ill-fitting suit, I think all seven of us children suspected it was our Uncle, however, our joy was very real.

The first occasion I had to portray Old St. Nick was, oddly enough in Iraq. A Military Unit with whom I worked (as a civilian contractor) sponsored a large group of families from an Episcopal Church in Baghdad. With a real beard and hair and an ill-fitting suit, I was "Papa Noel" to the children. The joy the event obviously brought those children and adults had me hooked. A few years after my return home, Santa Scooby was created.

I do love being Santa for many, many children each year. My Mother managed a large school lunchroom for a number of years. The children loved her and she loved them right back. I credit her for the deep affection I have for, as Santa Scooby says, children of all ages!


Santa (artwork by Bunni Miller)