Meet Calvin

Now, Santa has learned that the game control  things have sports on them. Football, basketball,  baseball, golf, and more. The Toy Shop Elf in charge of any and all things sports is none other than Calvin.

Calvin is very deep into sports. He always wears a football helmet around North Pole village. Calvin changes the team stickers on the helmet from time to time. Melvin and Uncle Fred told Santa that they noticed Calvin always has the stickers of a winning team on his plain white helmet. Well, well, isn't that something.

Mrs. Claus gets a bit annoyed when Calvin tries to wear cleats into the dining hall!! Ginger told him she would douse him with flour if he didn't stop trying to sneak in with those cleats. Hard to do though, since the dining hall has a stone floor.

Calvin sounds like a big horse clip clopping in. But, if Santa has sporting games, footballs, basketballs, jerseys, or anything at all sports related on a wish list, Calvin is the Toy Shop "go to" Elf.

Meet Calvin  (artwork by Bunni Miller)