Meet Elvira

When it comes to staying in touch with everyone,  Santa sometimes gets more of those e-mail and text type things than he can handle. Oh, Santa still gets tons of letters. But, more and more of the internet thingamajig stuff is coming to the North Pole. So, Elvira takes over with all the computer stuff.

Santa is very happy to have her tend to all the "electronic back and forth" messages. Not that Santa doesn't understand that kind of stuff,  it's just Santa has always received letters and wish lists and is more suited with those kinds of things.

Elvira seems most content when she's tapping away on her computer and Santa is very happy that she's very happy. She also loves to capture Santa every time she can when he's visiting with children of all ages. So her camera is probably her favorite gadget of all.

"Share the joy and happiness", says Mrs.Claus. Of all the Elves, Elvira has the biggest and most loving pet, Henry the Bulldog. He's a favorite in the Toy Shop.

Meet Elvira  (artwork by Bunni Miller)