Meet Miss Ginger

Miss Ginger helps Mrs. Claus in the kitchen. She's never without a smile and she and Mrs. Claus sing all the day long.

Her favorite cookie to bake is, pretty much everyone's most special favorite. You guessed it, chocolate chip!! Once in a while, Santa does like a batch of Snicker Doodles. Ginger knows how to put the cinnamon on them just so.

Both she and Mrs. Claus seem to constantly get sprinkled with flour, cinnamon, or melted chocolate. Melvin once asked if Ginger and Mrs. Claus were experts at making a mess. His question was, let's just say, not well received. It took a while to get all the flour off that was dumped on him.

Ginger told Santa recently that she never sees Melvin near the kitchen any longer.

Meet Miss Ginger  (artwork by Bunni Miller)