Meet Hagar

There are times, more frequent when the Toy Shop is running at a very fast pace when Melvin needs an all-around handyman. Hagar is the "Mr. Fixxit", all around, super-duper, Handyman.

If there are parts needed quickly, or repairs Melvin and Uncle Fred don't have the time for, or hard to find parts, Hagar comes through! Santa sometimes marvels at his keen instincts and his knack for fixing things.

He always has a note pad and a pocket full of colored pencils.

  • Red is for "urgent-find asap".
  • Orange is "must-have within 2 or 3 days".
  • Yellow is "patch things and it should hold".
  • Green is "found, fixed, good to go".

Hagar has a tool belt that is ginormous and always has a little wagon he pulls with screws, bolts, lots of nails, and, as Uncle Fred says, "stuff that doesn't even have names!!".

Hagar is always upbeat and Santa's overheard him many times when he finds a much-needed part, "get it, got it, fixed it!".

Meet Hagar  (artwork by Bunni Miller)