Meet J.W.

Santa was very concerned about the repairs or replacement of leather parts. And, in the nick of time, an Elf with very fine leather working ability dropped by the Toy Shop to visit  Calvin. He says his name is simply J.W.  Santa told J.W. about the worn leather on the sleigh and harness. Santa talked him into staying and joining the team.

Before he got started on the harness and sleigh leather work, he crafted a beautiful new belt for Santa. More on the belt later.

J.W. is kinda easy going with a quick laugh and a constant smile. His work space is well organized. J.W. reads quite a bit. He,  as well, will go many hours working on a project non stop. Once he gets going, he's like that drum pounding rabbit. Santa can't wait to watch him work on the reindeer gear and the sleigh.