Meet Samuel

The Elf that is a friend to all, laid back through thick and thin, and always has a sunny disposition is Samuel. He's a mix of chaplain, counselor, and someone to calm Santa, Mrs. Claus, all the Elves, and, yes, Rudolph and the team when things get really hectic.

Melvin and Uncle Fred are very particular about their duties. Melvin wants the Toy Shop to hum like a well-oiled machine. Sometimes, as Mr. Murphy has said, "anything that can go wrong will go wrong." So, with all the machines in the Toy Shop going all out, things can get out of kilter.

Uncle Fred knows the harness and sleigh being in tip-top shape makes sure the toys get delivered on time and that Santa and the reindeer are safe. There's a lot of pressure on all as Christmas draws nigh.

Samuel is the Elf that spreads a sense of calm, some smiles, and pitches in around the kitchen, Toy Shop, stables, or wherever he sees a need for a helping hand.

Samuel always has a box of small glass containers with candles in them. Everywhere he stops to help, he places a lighted candle where all can see. Samuel told Santa and Mrs. Claus that it serves to remind everyone that the Light of the World is the true meaning of Christmas.

Samuel  (artwork by Bunni Miller)