Meet Zelda

Elvira gets a helping hand from time to time from Zelda. Zelda's main job is to take care of and fill all the wish lists that have games and such on them.

Now, Santa must be very honest here. When children began requesting something called a "switch", Santa right away asked if they were supposed to be on the naughty list and also get a lump of coal!! This really confused Santa, and really, Melvin as well. Zelda heard this and laughed loud and often.

Eventually, after having a little fun with Santa and Melvin, Elvira and Zelda both kinda' filled Santa in on what this "Switch" thing was. They also decided to explain more about something called an "X box", and drones, and then a hoverboard thing, and these cell phones of every kind.

So, once again, in the spirit of sharing, Santa gave Zelda the task of keeping up with all the strange, but amazing, electronic stuff.

Meet Zelda  (artwork by Bunni Miller)